Custom Web Application Design and Development:

Custom web application provides customized and interactive technologies by utilizing the interactive nature of website developments. Custom web applications deliver a more sophisticated and interactive user experience. Depending on the requirements of a particular application, it can use a various range of technologies. Generally, to deliver bespoke functionality ASP.NET or PHP language is used. And to store all sorts of information reliably, a database is used.
ZTL the best Web application development company in Bangladesh has specialized custom web application developers to meet your programming challenges head-on at an affordable price. We are always up to speed on the latest technologies in custom web app development. We are dedicated to help you to build Top-notch web apps that meet your requirements.

In general, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are used for the user interface; a Web-programming language such as ASP.NET or PHP to deliver bespoke functionality; and a database to reliably store all sorts of information including usage statistics, user/customer data and application-specific requirements.

Enterprise Web-Based Application
An enterprise web-based application is a business-oriented application. Enterprise applications require complex design and architecture. It is complex, scalable, distributed, component-based, and mission-critical. Aplectrum organizes your application’s requirements into interdependent categories. We provide an enterprise app that is data-centric, user-friendly, secured, and maintainable.

Our designed enterprise applications and e-commerce applications are cost effective with greater speed. It is imperative to manage and enhance your business operation. We as the web application company in Bangladesh for the best practice and industry recommendations and serve our clients with the best support.

JavaScript based Development
JavaScript is a client-side programming language that helps to make dynamic and interactive web pages. To create various web applications and to add interactive features into them, JS is used extensively. JS plays a very important role in application development. It comes with various JS libraries, such as jQuery, AngularJS, JSON etc. Web applications created with JS, work well across all browsers, platforms, and devices.

Our expert web app development team contains good knowledge of JavaScript. They can make different applications robust and scalable. Our developers can also use Node.js, a cross-platform runtime engine. It will allow dynamic content and design to get displayed beautifully on web pages by combining JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3.

UI/UX Development
The User Interface (UI) improves the presentation and the interactivity of the web application. Basically, it works on the look of the app and interaction with the user. It focuses on the beautification of each page, button and other visual elements to make your app user-friendly. User Experience (UX) development improves the overall user experience. It helps to achieve maximum customer satisfaction. UX development mainly wireframes an application and gives a structure to all its components to create the user flow.

Web Application Maintenance & Enhancement
Technology is changing swiftly every now and then. Your application also needs to constantly grow. It needs to keep compatible with the changing shifts of technology. And you need to ensure that your application is stable, interactive, and follow the latest trend. The more maintenance and enhancement an application offers, the more audience it can appeal to and create engagement through the application. Applications need to be provided with immense expertise in maintenance & enhancement.

Our goal is to deliver good quality support and maintenance and best enhancement for your application as the best web application company in Bangladesh. We help to upgrade your application to improve the productivity for better business.



Our application maintenance and enhancement solution includes:

# Monitoring & Reporting
# Security
# Bug Fixing
# Stability
# Application Improvement
# Platform & device Feature enhancement & so on.