ZTL School Management Software

The primary function of a school is to educate the young generation. With the increased number of students in schools, it is no longer possible to run administration with sheer outdated technology. School management software is a ZTL ensuring proper management.School Management

School management software simply brings the teachers, students and parents together under one platform. It intends to look after the day to day administrative data and other activities. Services of a school management system include attendance, student info exam routine and many more. Management software allows the users to access the information, reports, files etc.

Our school management system software Details:

School Management Software

Our complete school management solution ensures easy administration management. Its smooth usability will give you a hassle-free experience. Be it any board or school system, our software will support you all the way.
Student records
The software system will keep a record of the students’ daily performance, results etc. It also contains admission forms, enrollment process etc. The software works as a communication bridge between the parents and the teachers.
Teacher and students information
The system contains teacher profile and students information. Anyone in need can easily look up online.
A study tool
Teachers can upload the study materials, notes, question papers on the system. No student will ever miss the study materials anymore.
Performance evaluation
A school management system can produce attendance report, exam reports etc. Students and parents can easily look up exam results and performance online.
Class management
Managing classes gets easier with a digital software system. The software can help you to assign teachers for a specific section, class schedule, managing the class routine.
Dormitories or hostel supervision
Using the software, teachers can assign students to specific dorms or rooms. It helps manage manpower and dorm system.
Online payment method
Earlier people had to stand in a line to submit payment. Accounting activities now have become much easier. Now parents have the option of online payment which is more convenient.
Announcements and notices
Parents and students can keep an eye on the announcements and update through the software.
Our software can access inventory information. School assets can be monitored with our school management software.
Library management
Our software for school management can help the students with users registration, overdue notices, books update and many other facilities.

Advantages of School Management System:

Communication cost Reduction
Online academic management is an efficient tool of communication between parents and school staff. Teachers no longer need to send messages or letters to parents. Method of sharing information has become easier within a short span of time. Most importantly it has cut down the cost of communication drastically.

A reliable way of storing data
What could be a better way of storing valuable information than an online platform? Nothing can beat a digital platform for data storage. Every administration has to deal with plenty of files and ledgers. School management is no exception.
Files have many downsides. They can be lost, perished. They take up a lot of space. It is hard to maintain them. Managing heaps of papers take most out of your time.
On the other hand, the software is easy to operate and secure.
Better work quality
The software is capable of managing documents. It performs better than any expert human could do.
Whereas human is bound to err, the software does not. It does your work in the correct manner. It functions more productively.
Student supervision
Checking up on every student might not be possible manually. The school management software is helpful for parents to keep up with school activities. Both teachers and parents can collaborate to supervise students or improvement.
Saves natural resources
We all are aware of paper consumption and its impacts on our environment. Software usage cuts down the need for using paper and stationery. Be it a small contribution but we are reducing carbon footprint.
Access From Anywhere
This is another major benefit of a school management system. You can access the system anywhere from any device.
Transparency With Parents Increases
The software system involves parents interaction. Parents can check on their children from time to time. For example, they can look up test results or attendance. It helps in achieving an impressive communication.
Better Performance by the Students
With the right supervision and system, teachers, parents come together to achieve improvements. It helps students in reaching their fullest potential.

The effective system contributes to better performance.
Our system provides easy to use the software at an affordable price. It is our specialty of being able to deliver a clear and user-friendly system. Our software is accessible to any device such as a laptop, mobile or tablet.
It is uniquely designed to meet your management needs. It addresses the administrative problems of an institute. It tackles the challenging task, reduces time and labor cost.
A proper system can help you in improving overall performance. The high-end functionalities of our software will bring you closer to your mission.

Some of our Software Features:
Students’ attendance report
 student list
attendance register
Student’s attendance report
Email and SMS integration
Payment and finance
Management Report