ZTL Inventory Management Software

ZTL Inventory management software is a online based system for tracking inventory levels, orders, sales and deliveries. It can also be used in the all type of industry to create a work order, bill of materials and other production-related documents. Companies use inventory management software to avoid product overstock and outages. It is a tool for organizing inventory data that before was generally stored in hard-copy form or in spreadsheets. 

This helps companies avoid running out of products or tying up too much capital in inventory. ZTL Inventory is the materials, work in progression goods and completely finished goods that are deliberated to be the portion of a business properties that are prepared or will be ready for sale. Inventory signifies one of the most significant assets that most business possess, because the turnover of inventory symbolizes one of the primary sources of income generation and subsequent wages for companies stakeholders.


Service management :

ZTL Product-oriented inventory management software to track the cost of the materials they use to provide services, such as cleaning supplies. This way, they can attach prices to their services that reflect the total cost of performing them.


Ability to prioritize orders according to available labour and shipment deadlines.Inventory Software
Achieve real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control.
Product Availability
Raw Material Availability
Stock List Report
Stock Status Report
Physical Inventory Reports (count sheets and variance report)
Price/Cost List
Reorder Advice
Purchase/Sales History
Cost Valuation
Inventory Turns Report
Inventory Status
Lot Expiration Report
Vendor Lead Time Report
Item Movement Audit Report
Item Lead Time Analysis
Serial/Lot Composition Inquiry

ZTL Inventory Management reach a specific threshold, a company’s inventory management system can be programmed to tell managers to reorder that product. This helps companies avoid running out of products or tying up too much capital in inventory.