ZTL Best Cattle Management Software is Cattle all type of record keeping software. Zaimah Technologies limited provides Cattle management software to help your manage and run your cattle operation. ZTL helps you prevent unnecessary cattle loss and improve profitability across your entire operation. We are helping farmers in more to improve their yields and reach a higher production level. our running product is .From Herd management to farm management, dairy farms face challenges on a daily basis. On the client’s unique idea and approach, we made cattle management software that not only helps dairy farmers  production but also identifies other important KPIs like feeding, animal health, breeding, and calving. Most of them are using manual or clucky methods of managing their herd. They manually keep the record of their cattle and parameters associated with daily milk productions such as cow weight, cow health, calving, feeding, cows in heat, pregnant cows and cows with reproduction disorders or abortions and lot more. Managing hundreds of farm cattle could be a hell of a task. This is where our client found a lucrative opportunity and wanted to invest in the solution for problems happening in the cow farming industry. The client was determined to streamline every aspect of the cattle management system and wanted to create a platform that allows its stakeholders to increase their income by awash milk production and smooth management. He wanted to create a platform that allows farmers to see their daily report.

 Best Cattle Management Software


Cattle Inventories

Digitize cattle inventory spreadsheets and see real-time cattle inventory records by individuals, groups, identification numbers, batch number, and more.

Cattle Records

ZTL Best Cattle Management Software View and update cattle records on breeding, calving, measurements, and health for both individual and group animals. Take photos of your cattle right from the field and upload them on the go.


Best Cattle Management Software

ZTL Cattle Management Software manage lets you assign animals to different groups based on type, pasture, status, category, and more. Group records are automatically updated.

Keep Your Cattle Healthy & Stress-Free
Individual & Group Health Management
Manage cattle health records for individuals and group. Digitize cattle book keeping and record treatment date, diagnosis, medication, dosage, veterinarian, inventory number, temperature and more.