Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to third-party vendors. BPO includes recruitment and customer-related services such as tech support, sales, accounts, human resources, administrative and marketing.

Business Process Outsourcing BPO

As businesses seek to lower costs, compete, expand their global reach and focus on their core concerns, they have turned to outsourcing their noncore business processes. ZTL was outsourced decades ago when big data systems were too costly for smaller companies to own, but made sense to share. Now, low-cost global communication networks allow vendors to send information almost anywhere in an instant. Technicians running software thousands of miles away can produce data for you to view on your desktop at will.

Business Process Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing is the migration of business process from the inside of the business to the outside of the business.


 ZTL BPO Services


Procurement and Sourcing Services

Today, procurement organizations need to become more digital, more able to predict the future and more able to empower their teams. Our procurement consulting can help with not only source to pay, but also procurement analytics as a service.


Finance Transformation 

We have helped transform the BPO  processes of over 50+ and  10 finance practitioners in over 10 countries. Learn how we can bring better analytics and insights to your finance teams.


Talent and Transformation 

Digital disruption inevitably leads to change management and HR reinvention. Learn how ZTL HR brings together talent acquisition, development and strategy to reinvent your teams’ workflows.