Business Management



ZTL Ltd. has started its operation in the year 2015 that helps investors/entrepreneurs across the world in setting up business in Bangladesh assisting local entrepreneurs to bridge a business relationship with foreign companies.


Incorporation of Foreign Companies:

ZTL  are  the legal and administrative works in order to incorporate foreign companies . It covers obtaining permission from respective Government bodies/ministries, performs the process of registration with Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and other related bodies.


Assisting in setting up Liaison /Branch/Representative Office:

ZTL carries out all the relevant works and procedures by maintaining liaison with various government bodies in order to setup offices of above types for foreign companies. It includes taking permission from Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA) by arranging and submitting required documents with application.


Incorporation of Foreign Companies:

Accountancy Services: ZTL provide all kinds of accounting related services such as preparation of Profit Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet, and Bookkeeping etc.


Project Management: 

Starting from the acquisition of software, land, setting up factories and machineries, hiring workers, providing training and managing financial accounts, ZTL  do provide comprehensive project management services for its client.