ZTL is one of the early pioneers of blockchain development in Bangladesh. We, at ZTL deliver the newest technological innovations to businesses – including the blockchain technology.
Blockchain is made up of blocks of data that are connected to each other using cryptography. It is a public ledger which can record high volume of digital transactions. In simple terms, blockchain is a certified, secure transaction that occurs between two parties.
Our blockchain solutions provide dynamic capabilities to a variety of corporations who seek exceptional technological advancement. Blockchain is useful to many industries such as Finance, Real Estate, Supply Chain, Healthcare, Retail and Military to name a few.
We help in enhancing business processes by implementing blockchain which will increase the efficiency of your corporation as a whole.



Blockchain is ruling over marketplaces and if you want faster results along with higher efficiency as compared to a traditional network, blockchain is the solution. Blockchain enables your organization to do what you already do but with a lot more added benefits.

The benefits that blockchain offers are:

Benefits of blockchain

What needs to change: Operations often waste effort on duplicate record keeping and third-party validations. Record-keeping systems can be vulnerable to fraud and cyberattacks. Limited transparency can slow data verification. And with the arrival of IoT, transaction volumes have exploded. All of this slows business, drains the bottom line — and means we need a better way. Enter blockchain.

Greater trust

With blockchain, as a member of a members-only network, you can rest assured that you are receiving accurate and timely data, and that your confidential blockchain records will be shared only with network members to whom you have specifically granted access.


Greater security

Consensus on data accuracy is required from all network members, and all validated transactions are immutable because they are recorded permanently. No one, not even a system administrator, can delete a transaction.


More efficiencies

With a distributed ledger that is shared among members of a network, time-wasting record reconciliations are eliminated. And to speed transactions, a set of rules — called a smart contract — can be stored on the blockchain and executed automatically.

Blockchain for industries

The Industry leaders ZTL are using  Blockchain to remove friction, build trust and unlock new value. Select your segment to see how.

Supply chain
Media and advertising
Oil and gas
Financial services
Travel and transportation (PDF, 340 KB)